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Financial Training Tailored to Your Organisation

Unlike most financial training course providers, we don’t offer a set list of off-the-shelf courses which you can browse and choose from. Rather, we start from a consultation to understand your business and what you wish to achieve.

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Our Approach

How we approach sales and financial training. Human capital development team. Virtual training.

Our consultation based approach enables us to provide a bespoke solution that will have the most impact on raising the performance of your team, and your organisation. We achieve this by partnering with HR, L&D and business line stakeholders to design and integrate learning solutions which have maximum impact.

We can tailor our programmes for all audience groups from your entry-level team to specialist professionals to your c-suite leaders. We offer training, coaching and consultancy in two broad areas: commercial skills and leadership/management capability development.

If you would like to learn more about our financial training and capability development, please contact us at PRP Global.

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Our consultants can help you overcome a range of problems or challenges that your business may be facing. We have a highly experienced and competent team of specialists who are experts in their respective fields of finance.

We don’t implement any off-the-shelf solutions. Our consultancy services are tailored to the needs of your organisation. We undertake comprehensive assessments to identify the gaps in your organisation and deliver the right solutions for you.

We have worked on several highly complex projects that have had to be delivered internationally across multiple time zones. We have assembled a diverse team of specialists who have the capability to deliver the solution you require, however complicated or multi-faceted it may be.

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Coaching services from PRP Global. Employees getting coached.


We create bespoke coaching programmes that will enable your team to perform better. In the past we have coached individuals looking to improve their communication skills, to articulate their product message, to win more tenders or simply to be more effective leaders in their role.

PRP Global can also support specialist teams who wish to refine their sales processes and increase sales conversion ratios. At a senior level, our coaches can also support Product Heads, Country Heads, CFOs and CEOs who require external support to overcome the business challenges they face.

Junior or mid-level employees who are moving into a more senior role can also benefit from the additional mentoring or support. We will work with you to understand your situation and package a tailored solution that will enable your talent pool to reach its potential.



The advance of technology means that today, much learning content can be accessed very quickly via multiple media.

PRP Global understands this changing landscape. We provide shorter, relevant, creatively designed learning solutions which engage your people and, critically, focus on the application of skills and knowledge in “real” commercial situations.

Technology has enabled us to further extend our reach across the world. We have chosen not to build an e-learning platform. We engage through interactive learning design utilising face-to-face or virtual platforms. We can take your chosen subject and package this in a virtual training format for easy consumption. Our training is scalable, cost efficient and fast.

If you want to find out more about our sales training, consultancy, and coaching and what we can do for your organisation, please contact us at PRP Global.


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“David is hugely knowledgeable in his field and manages to convey his knowledge in a simple and effective manner. David's enthusiasm is infectious and fun to work with.”

- COO/CFO, Investment Management

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